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₦7.5 B



LOCATION: Banana Island, Lagos

PRICE: $5 Million


$5 Million(Payment in Naira Equivalent)

30% deposit and spread balance for 12month




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The Avenue mansion is an exquisite house located in the prestigious Banana Island estate sitting on 800Sqm land. Unwind in the infinity swimming pool, stay fit in the fully fitted gym, indulge in cinematic delights in the private theater, and relax in the rooftop jacuzzi. The children’s play area ensures family-friendly enjoyment.

The interior boasts Italian porcelain tiles, reflecting the epitome of opulence. Seize the opportunity to reside in this serene and exclusive haven with unparalleled amenities.


Prewired WI-FI Connection:

Having a prewired WI-FI connection ensures seamless and consistent internet coverage throughout the house. This feature is essential for modern living, supporting smart home devices, remote work, streaming, and everyday internet usage without the hassle of installation.


The inclusion of an elevator adds a significant level of convenience and accessibility, particularly in a multi-story home. It facilitates easy movement between floors, making the house suitable for elderly residents or those with mobility issues, and adds a touch of luxury.

Fire Alarm Detection System:

A fire alarm detection system is a crucial safety feature that provides early warning in case of a fire. This system helps protect the lives of the occupants and the property by allowing for timely evacuation and response, thus mitigating potential damage and loss.

Infinity Swimming Pool:

An infinity swimming pool offers a visually stunning and luxurious amenity that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property. It provides a unique swimming experience and serves as a focal point for relaxation and entertainment, boosting the overall value of the home.

Fully Fitted Gym:

A fully fitted gym equipped with modern fitness equipment allows residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without needing to leave their home. This feature is particularly valuable for convenience and privacy, catering to the fitness needs of the household.

Rooftop Jacuzzi:

A rooftop jacuzzi provides a private and luxurious space for relaxation with scenic views. This feature is ideal for unwinding after a long day, offering therapeutic benefits and enhancing the overall enjoyment of the home’s amenities.

Smart Home Technology:

Smart home technology integrates advanced systems for lighting, security, climate control, and entertainment. This feature offers enhanced convenience, energy efficiency, and security, allowing residents to control various aspects of their home through smart devices and automation.

Disability Friendly

A disability-friendly design ensures that the home is accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. Features such as wider doorways, ramps, and accessible bathrooms make the house more inclusive, comfortable, and functional for everyone.



A private cinema offers an exclusive and immersive entertainment experience. This amenity allows residents to enjoy movies, TV shows, and gaming in a theater-like environment without leaving the comfort of their home, making it perfect for family and social gatherings.

In-House Facility Managers:

Having in-house facility managers ensures that the property is well-maintained and that any issues are promptly addressed. This amenity provides peace of mind to the residents, knowing that professional help is available for maintenance, repairs, and other services.

1 Year Post-Warranty Coverage:

A 1-year post-warranty coverage offers additional protection and assurance beyond the standard warranty period. This amenity provides homeowners with extended support for any issues that may arise, ensuring that their investment is safeguarded and any defects are rectified without additional cost.

1. Hospitals:

1. Lagoon Hospital, Ikoyi
2. St. Nicholas Hospital, Ikoyi
3. First Consultants Medical Centre, Obalende
4. Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island
5. The Premier Specialists’ Medical Centre, Victoria Island

2. Schools:

1. Banana Island School
2. The Lagoon School
3. British International School, Victoria Island
4. St. Saviour’s School, Ikoyi
5. Greensprings School, Ikoyi

3. Churches:

1. Church of the Assumption, Ikoyi
2. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Victoria Island
3. Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos Island
4. The Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish, Victoria Island
5. House on the Rock Church, Lekki

4. Markets:

1. Falomo Shopping Complex, Ikoyi
2. Ikoyi Market
3. Lekki Market
4. Sandgrouse Market, Lagos Island
5. Oniru Market, Victoria Island

5. Mosques:

1. Ikoyi Mosque
2. Lekki Central Mosque
3. Victoria Island Central Mosque
4. Lagos Central Mosque, Lagos Island
5. Dolphin Estate Mosque, Ikoyi

6. Eateries:

1. RSVP Lagos, Victoria Island
2. The Yellow Chilli, Victoria Island
3. Hard Rock Cafe, Victoria Island
4. Terra Kulture, Victoria Island
5. Shiro Restaurant & Bar, Victoria Island

7. Parks/Recreation:

1. Banana Island Park
2. Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island
3. Freedom Park, Lagos Island
4. Lekki Conservation Centre
5. Tarkwa Bay Beach

8. Banks/ATMs:

1. First Bank of Nigeria, Ikoyi
2. GTBank, Victoria Island
3. Zenith Bank, Victoria Island
4. Access Bank, Ikoyi
5. UBA, Victoria Islandg


Address: Banana Island, Lagos
  • Country: Nigeria
  • City / Town: Lagos
  • Neighborhood: Banana Island
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